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Market Intel from Graff Search


Graff was delighted to work with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation recently. For similar opportunities, please register your interest with Graff – contact@graffsearch.co.uk

In-house Legal Salaries

In case you missed it, you can download the Graff Guide to In-house Legal & Compliance Market salaries on the green page above, fourth bullet point – “Top Notch Market Intel.” If you’d like to discuss this further, please Graff Search on 020 8305 2837.

Consider Recruiting an In-house Lawyer on a Part-Time Basis

Taking on part-time in-house legal support is an excellent idea for many reasons. It may be: – an excellent way to trial having your first in-house lawyer, especially if you’re concerned there may not be enough work to keep someone busy full-time; – a clever way to alleviate any head count issues, by only have half…

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How to Operate in this Market

If you have a vacancy in your legal team for a lawyer at any level up to six years’ PQE, it’s a good idea to be mindful of these things: 1. EXPECT A SHORTER SHORT-LIST Thanks to the downturn, there are far fewer mid-level lawyers in the market as far fewer were able to qualify…

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Snapshot of the In-house Legal Market

The in-house legal market appears to have well and truly shaken off signs of the downturn…having picked up 12 months ago, it has been consistently busy since then. Head count freezes have disappeared and companies which have not recruited in the last four or five years are now looking to hire additional staff or replace…

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